The Chin is In

green eyesNose?  No.  Cheekbones…?  No.  Crow’s feet?  No.  The chin is the new must have accessory and there are dozens of ways to make it more chiseled. From topical applications claiming to reform the grip of one’s natural facial contours to taut lines of newly found youth via microliposuction– the chin is in.

Just as brow bars became the thing of last year providing a strong definition of character while beautifully accentuating the shape of the lash line and opening up the central panel of one’s face the jawline is commanding attention in 2014.  A strong jaw line is youthful on a woman and a masculine show of strength on a man.  In the business world a strong jaw is a lean and mean hint of one on the top of their game. In a mate the pronounced jaw can echo virility.

In surgical suites chins are coming into their own by implants, contouring, adding volume here and reducing volume there. Younger faces have a natural “V” shape supported by youthful elastin and collagen.  By strategically taking and giving in areas of natural fat pads the jaw line can be lifted.  Using Botox and fillers in exactly the right amounts can work also.

Non-surgical procedures like EPrime and ThermiRF, which deliver radio frequency via tiny probes help to stimulate collagen and lift saggy skin over the course of time.  The winning combination is just the right amount of lift, removal of fat and muscle renewal that offers a flawless lift.