Smart Rings or Bio-tags?

Smartware Spa ExpertBiometric data has been used for years to track elite athletes.  Maximizing performance requires state of the art technology interspersed with personal best milestones and benchmarking the competition.  While digital fitness dallied in mass producing some of the elements of activity, heart rate, calories burned and so forth, the trendy wearables really haven’t created anything remarkable.

While the Apple watch is sleek and thin, the technology measures the basics like personal bests, sedentary moments, heart rate and calories burned.  For a hefty investment; however, the technology ramps up.  For instance, the Neuma stress watch, at $1,500.  Using lie detector-like technology the watch measures adrenal gland activity for an accurate measure of stress, buzzing if the stress level is too high, and indicating when anxiety must be reduced.  The MC10 measures bodily electrical impulses and wirelessly transmits them back to your computer or smart phone with details such as body hydration and UV exposure.

Still ahead of the curve are the larger units designed specifically for athletes, like the Zephyr cardiac harness, a laboratory grade device that generates more finely detailed data on body wait, stress response, breathing and heart rate.

What’s next?  Personal dashboards that generate data on blood sugar, flight or fight response and the quality of REM sleep.  Imagine eating that crisp spa salad and watching how your body is assimilating the nourishment via bio-tag or smart ring.