640x450_hamman_theraphy_h WATER

Alas, what is old is new again as some of the newest spas around the world reveal the elegance of spa classic design and treatment brought to a new level of excellence.  Of course spa means with this revised rendition of the spa– water abounds. This includes beautiful featured areas in spas including:

  • Blue Orb WomanUnder water sound, light and color in fitness areas
  • Heated pools, tepid pools, luxurious lap pools and plunge pools
  • Open semi-saline float tanks
  • Saline immersion pools
  • Therapeutic water parks within wellness centers
  • Water movement sessions
  • Water Massage Modalities
  • Water as a soothing substrate for healing.

Of course spa “solus per aqua,” meaning “to enter by means of water”, or “health through water.”  Accordingly, the worldwide immersion of spa-goers back to the source seems to be the natural progressions for a world in seek of balance.  Other beautiful marriages of treatments include rigorous dry brushing with herbal baths and a brisk walk in the Kneipp pool.  Glorious moor wraps with a Swiss shower or a refreshing rainbar just after a detoxifying series of sauna sessions.  Spicy stone massage using warming ginger, black pepper and woods like Sandalwood and Cedarwood essential oils.