Body Sculpting

blonde woman naked sittingLooking to sculpt those areas where you just can’t seem to make weight loss matter?

Here are a few procedures to consider:

Micro-liposuction: With a microcannula about the size of a pen a Board Certified surgeon can target very specific areas like the arms to shape areas that might otherwise look saggy or loose.  A local anesthetic is administered and bruising/swelling can be expected to heal within a couple of weeks.  Expect to pay between $2,500-$3000 US.

Cellulaze: A one time laser treatment that goes below the surface of the to break the connective muscular tissue that cause the appearance of surface dimpling.  A  local anesthetic is used, recovery can take up to a week and results occur within a month. Expect to pay between $4,200-$6500 US.

Liposonix: High intensity ultrasound is used in this procedure that permeately destroys fat cells in those areas like the stomach that need some fine tuning.  Some pain and minor swelling can be expected and results can take from one to three months.  Expect to pay $1,000-$3000 US.

Trusculpt:  Radio frequency technology is used in this fat reducing procedure that can cause minimal pain and bruising.  Results are noticeable within one to three months and some believe that the impact on fat cells is permenant.  Expect to pay $950-$2000 US.