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globeTravel Technology – Wearable Electronics Go Mainstream

Wearable electronics will become an important tool for travellers, who will be increasingly connected to the internet through different types of mobile devices. Wearable internet-connected devices will allow travellers to constantly receive notifications and services during their trip, as well as make bookings. This represents a challenge for travel companies which will need to build a flexible technological architecture to follow their customers from one device to another.

Sharp growth forecast

According to Euromonitor International’s Consumer Electronics research, wearable electronics technology is expected to go mainstream by 2016.  Wearable internet-connected devices are expected to rise from 9 million units sold globally in 2013 to a forecast 180 million in 2016.Products currently on sale include Sony SmartWatch, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Glass. Google also developed Android Wear software for wearable electronics. Apple Watch will go on sale from early 2015 and is expected to take this sector by storm, as other Apple products have done for smartphones and tablets.