Personalized Spa Travel

spanish dancers in spainPersonalizing the spa visit has been on the list of “must do’s” for over a decade and yet, very few spas have the formula down.  It takes brilliant orchestration between the guest booking team, operational staff and department managers within the spa.  Personalized services require that core treatment team members like massage therapists, estheticians and bodyworkers have a plethora of skills at their fingertips as well as the interpersonal skills to communicate what the guest is requesting.

Sticky Site

When considering spa travel many guests hop from site to site in an effort to pre-arrange their sightseeing with gastronomic choices and, of course, their spa experience.  Capturing the spa-goer at first site or site visit ensures that your establishment will not only book their travel package, but also that you can spend more one-on-one time with the guest before they arrive.  The benefits are increased pleasure, value and satisfaction by the spa-goer and a leaner staffing, precise sundries and back bar product for your operations management.  Create a website that has detailed meta tags and accurate key words.  Make the initial exposure the final search your guest will need to make.

86% of survey respondents think, “customers will have the ability to choose the size of room, type of bed, amenities, audio-visual facilities, business equipment, etc. on booking and pay accordingly” in 2020. (Amadeus and Fast Future)

Lifestyle and à la carte

Depending on the nature of the visit, guests should have easy options for exactly what they want.  Create choices that are enticing and focused.  For example, a guest requiring a lifestyle overhaul will need to dive directly into your program to achieve results and have the skills and resources to maintain those results.  Likewise, a traveler who simply wants a weekly facial or an evening massage should be drawn in by the skill sets of your therapists and the comfort of your facility.

Draw them In

Use visuals and descriptive wording to draw the guest into the experience.  Like a well worded menu of a flirtatious chef, allow the guest to visualize each treatment.  Spell out the treatment or luxurious service to the finest detail.  Explain your brand’s social impact.  Draw from the makings of mastery with every savory or sweet nuance of expectation appointed with the sensorial richness that only your brand can create.  Finally, make it easy.  After the guest is hungry for your travel and spa suggestions, create booking options that are simple.  A few clicks and the guest is floating in exactly the calm, slim, fit, re-energized nirvana designed precisely for them.