Personal Growth Travel

Miraval WaterTraveling for personal growth is the new mantra.  Boomers are refusing to age as their parents did and those who were in corporate grid of life are seeking to search inward for self-renewal. This isn’t really that new of a concept for the classic wellness facilities like Miraval in Tucson, Arizona where a balanced blending of activities has always been the norm.  From equestrian classes to painting self-expression has be in style here before “wellness” was a trend.

Gourmet Plate SPAAOf course foodies aren’t the only ones interested in cooking, eating, tasting and exploring other cultures through the medium of the kitchen or the outdoor grill.  What our forefathers and mothers experienced as necessity and daily toil many now find as a resource for connection in a world that is rapidly becoming more impersonal.  Working the soil, planting crops, harvesting fresh berries and crisp organic micro greens is just the beginnings of possibility when considering culinary options.  Many have found culturing yoghurt and cheese to be calming and rewarding as the Zen like process of gathering and combining materials comes full circle.  Organizations such as the Food Travel Network lead trips all over the world tying history to culture to food journeys.

Miraval KickSpas are, of course, a part of this movement.  Many spas were already fully engaged in multi-cultural practices in therapies offered.  Many spas like the Ruby Room in Chicago, USA were also engaged in finding out more about the emotional framework of their guests and prescribing energetic therapies with semi-precious minerals long before the personal growth movement took hold.  Looking into spa spa-goers personal goals for growth as well as health goals seems a natural when combining treatments like bodywork, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and nutritional counseling.  The parts and the whole are connected, of course, and approaching health and wellness in any other way seems counter-intuitive.

Courtesey Exhale SpaHow does all of this become a fulfilling and memorable travel experience?  A bit like selecting a car or combining a palate for the perfect sun room wellness travel is an organic selection of what best suits the individual.  A quick list of what is most important to you will reveal your next steps.


  • What area of the world is intriguing to you?
  • What would you like to accomplish with this trip?
  • Are you a slow or kinetic traveler?
  • What activities do you love?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many days do you have to travel?

Niche travel agents are very popular for planning such a journey.  Many specifically do wellness travel while others do green travel, culinary, cultural or an ideal mix that will likely suit you.  Although travel is easily arranged online a travel specialist can guide you to the most unique destinations, personally tailored arrangements and quaint venues. Go to a specialist with your bucket list and enjoy your journey.  Create your YOLO (you only live once) tempo, journey and memories.