Couples Spa-ing

Portrait of a couple getting a romantic massageNo matter the occasion there it is always a good idea to hit the spa as a duo.  Whether you are spa-ing a continent away or enjoying some relaxing together time close to home, here are some helpful tips to enhance your experience.

Find a spa that does unisex well.  Some men report not feeling entirely comfortable in a feminine setting.  Look at the spa’s menu ahead of time and see if they offer services for men.

How flexible is the spa for performing side by side treatments like massage and facials? Some spas truly don’t have couples rooms or the space is awkward. Furthermore, you will be better served if the spa already has couples choices like side by side combo packages.

If traveling to a destination spa or resort make sure that your spa choices are well balanced with a number of other options such as touring historical sites, equestrian fitness, hiking, biking, painting or cooking.  Even the best of spa experiences like a grotto or hot spring are best enjoyed when paired with other options.

If you are new as a couple or new to spa hopping as a couple have a chat with your significant other about their tactile and sensorial preferences.  While some individuals enjoy the heat of the sauna or hot yoga class, others adapt better to plunge pools or cryotherapy.  Find out how comfortable your mate is when partially clothed around therapists or communal bathers.  Knowing what will make both of you relaxed at the onset is a good first step to a great spa experience.

Follow your nose.  Aromatherapy is an art and science that links our brain to pleasure centers as well as treats our body medicinally.  The scent that you both enjoy will hold with it fond memories of your spa journey. Find out what you both prefer:  Wood notes, citrus, mint, lavender, for example, and then be sure to purchase some for at home use.

If you are traveling to a spa remember that travel can be a stressor or an adventure.  Flight delays, lost connections and unexpected problems are sometimes a part of the process.  Pack some fun in your carry-on bag.  Besides all of those devices that you can’t live without consider bringing a book on the history of the destination you will be visiting; your partner’s favorite trail mix; a portable game; eye or neck pillow or a decadent chocolate.

Remember that this is your excursion.  Call ahead to make sure your spa plans are scheduled as you would like.  Feel free to ask in depth questions about the therapies offered, professionals providing the services and products used in the treatments.  Well run spas will invite your curiosity and walk you through what you can expect in your spa experience. Make this a trip to the spa that you will both treasure.