Wellness in the Hotel Suite

RoomStandard Wellness Features Travelers will come to Expect:

  • Full spectrum or blue-shaded light depending on the guest’s state.  Lighting for jet lag, concentration or meditation or lighting to induce sleep is becoming standard fare.
  • LED Dawn simulator to awaken the guest with the effects of daybreak.
  • Photo-catalytic coating on surfaces that might harbor bacteria.
  • Cedar skirting boards to keep enclosed spaces fresh and dry.
  • Electromagnetic diffusers and shields to keep electromagnetic fields at bay.
  • Green cleaning products with hypoallergenic fabrics to accommodate sensitive skin types.
  • Aromatherapy mood dial in to the moisture/air control balance of the guests space both in the suite and outside the guest’s quarters.
  • Essential oil and herbal infused shower heads.  It’s not just vitamin C anymore, there are a multitude of choices within the shower.
  • Subliminal sound coding to treat the psyche to empowering or positive messages while the guest enjoys well deserved slumber.