The Promise of Genomics

genomicsAs we look to the future leading growth industries include some categories that are somewhat obvious.  Energy, for example, is the second largest industry sector targeted for enormous growth.  Health is expected to be the largest single industry in the next decade.  Financial services and software development are both predicted to experience steady declines in growth.

Genomics, however, is a targeted area that is predicted to lead other categories of industry as well as dramatically change life expectancy.  DNA collection kits and screening services will not only change how we prevent health decline but also how we prescribe and program preventative care.  One company, Pathway Genomics, one of the company’s to watch within the Fortune 500 list is taking this positive growth a step further in its One-for-One program.  For every breast cancer test purchased, the company will donate a test to a woman in need.

The strides by so many affected by breast cancer are slowly paying off, both by survivors and thrivers who refuse to give up and by the families, scientists and futurists who will stop at nothing before a cure is found.