The Healing Power of Water

2003-04-19 10.39.24SPA, Salus per Aquum, is with reference to the age old tradition of health through water.  Either via mineral spring, sea inspired balneotherapy, saline inhaler practice or Watsu, water is a winner for increasing vibrancy and grounded calm.  As though earth cries out for calm water in various forms is life giving and tranquil through a variety of means.  At the spa, dayspa, away-day or resort, water steals the show from physiological to psychological.

Water triggers parts of the brain associated with empathy, self-awareness—so much so that researchers George MacKerrn and Susana Mourato created an app called “Mappiness” to track subjective aspects of well-being.  During the day test participants were pinged with queries about their activities and how they were feeling at the moment. The 3.5 million responses from 60,000 subjects reported an elevated sense of happiness by 6% more of those populations in coastal or marine environments.

In, Blue Mind, author Wallace Nichols reports that the energetic calm of water in natural environments creates a sense of, joy, calm, unity and connectedness that mimics states of meditation.  People were found to be, “more satisfied with life at the moment,” according to Nichols in part from the action of catecholamine neurochemicals that are actually recalibrated reducing stress and anxiety.

Even when not in nature the sounds of ocean waves, fountains, waterfalls, and rain mimic the calm of floating in the womb or relaxing beside a stream.  The change that is essential to human growth can cause stress to the human mind which constantly wants to have predictable patterns.

Taking moments of the day to enjoy encounters with water can produce a calm that becomes a self-prescriptive cure to stress.  So drink water with bliss, splash in the bath, embrace each drop of that cold or hot shower and dive in to the pool of nourishment and calm that water naturally offers.