Creating Joy!

Rise with the sun.  Getting around 8 hours of sleep creates optimal mental, emotional and physical health. Even more important says the American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests that you get out in daylight as much as possible to increase your body’s levels of vitamin D.  Early morning exercise in the outdoors Joyincreases the body’s production of autoimmune fighting resistance including infectious diseases and many types of cancer.

Dig in the dirt or at least get dirty.  Dirt may be the new Prozac as well as a provider of healthy germs.  University of Colorado researcher Christopher Lowry injected mice with dirt-dwelling Mycobacterium vaccae and found an increase of serotonin in the test mice prefrontal cortex.  Grow herbs in your windowsill, take a walk in the woods or volunteer at your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  Growing your own food, flowers and medicinal herbs will enhance your life and add years to natural longevity.

Be spontaneous at least once a day.  Take a different biking route to work or enjoy your lunch outdoors.  An early morning walk for breakfast or a noon stroll instead of Starbucks will shift your normal routine from sedation to activation.  Surprise a friend with fresh market flowers or pick up some colorful chalk and create sidewalk art.  Do something that you have never done before and re-connect with your inner essence.

You don’t need to make your bed but it is essential to make up your mind.  Take the first 3-5 minutes of each day to belt out a roaring laugh, breathe, stretch, meditate or simply decide to rock your day.  Your mental focus is the compass that will make your day one to remember.  Happiness will soon become habitual.