Hi-tech Beauty

Hi-tech beauty applications are seemingly everywhere from the salon to the spa to the department store counter.  What this boils down to is more personalized, effective skin care treatments, hair care applications and make-up strategies.

Contextualized Reflection

What’s not going away anytime soon? Smart mirrors. Using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, they allow consumers to virtually try on lipstick and eye shadow by projecting the products onto their reflection. Although AR for cosmetics isn’t new, it was the premise of an expanded experience that made its debut at CES this year: real-time beauty contextualization.

The  Simplehuman Sensor Mirror ($200) has a surgical-grade LED light ring and magnifies your face five times. Different but similar, Himirror, a data-protected smart mirror that analyzes your skin and provides a customized skincare routine, these products are designed to make you look great in less time.

Professional Treatment Tools

Riiviva Microderm ($299). The first at-home microdermabrasion tool with a medical-grade diamond tip, it promises to slough off dead skin cells, lesson brown spots, and boost collagen production—all in just one five-minute treatment per week.

Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab is a system equipped with an array of tools that help hair stylists better understand each client’s hair to make more informed styling suggestions. The coolest part is the Analyzer, a handheld device that measures hair quality, moisture level, and color on various points from root to tips.

Those measurements are then analyzed, and based on your hair’s condition, a specialized shampoo is created in the Customizer for your hair condition from more than 128 combinations and a scent of your choosing.

If you’re over the time commitment and mess that come with sheet masks, Foreo has got you(r face) covered. The Foreo UFO is a smart masking, app-controlled device that cuts your masking time from 20 minutes to 90 seconds.

The device is covered by a small swatch of Foreo’s Korean sheet mask. It then heats to open pores and penetrate the skin’s surface, cools to firm and tighten, and pulsates massage and heighten product absorption. LED light therapy then stimulates collagen, refines complexion, and kills bacteria. It’s a quick, effective way to step up your masking.

Paris-based brand Romy has created a skincare formulator allows you to brew customized face serum from home. Using cold press technology (think fresh juice), the machine churns out personalized skincare based on your daily stressors, like exercise, sugar intake, and extended travel.

Simply input your concerns into the app and it will advise you which three ingredients of the included 10 options to use. The machine then mixes the solution and dispenses a freshly-made, gel-based serum to slather on. Formulations change day to day, depending on your skin.

The Skin360 system pairs a scanner that clips onto your iPhone’s camera with a mobile app to analyze your skin’s overall health. It measures pore size and appearance, size and depth of wrinkles, and dryness to create personalized daily product regimen and lifestyle-targeted skincare advice.

Deep learning for cosmetics is so sophisticated that beauty artificial intelligence assistants can now understand and cater to unique facial geometrics, eye shapes and skin tones with minimal human input. There are opportunities for beauty companies to take this even further and approach their data stack like “Color Camouflaging,” using specific data points to counteract problems and create tailored solutions that look and feel seamless. The best way to do that is by building holistic data management systems that collect first-party consumer and product information, as well as real-time environmental stats, such as hyper-local air quality.

At Home, Make your Own.  Emuage has created a small machine that can create your skin care at home.  By using a smartphone app a consumer may actually choose the color, texture, fragrance and actives of each product.  In small coffee like containers Emuage offers the consumer a variety of starter packages. The consumer is requested to add spring water.


Author: Melinda Minton

Melinda Minton is a thirty year veteran of the spa industry. Executive Director of www.thespaassociation.com, Minton has authored six books and numerous feature articles. https://www.linkedin.com/in/spa-lifestyle-and-wellness-expert/

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