Primitive Wellness

If you thought that a spa-wellness experience was all about massage and yoga, think again. Canyon Ranch is mindful of health on all levels including spiritual health.  Check out these programs at their Tuscon facility.

Primitive Skills Program:  Outdoor Sports Manager Randy Kinkaid guides groups through this amazing program created to get reacquainted with nature and allowing one’s self to feel empowered by discovering new abilities.

Animal Tracking:  Which creature made those tracks – and what was it doing? Learn how to follow and interpret animal tracks in the desert, and discover which other signs can show you that critters have passed through the area.

Arrowhead Artistry:  Learn how to turn a flake of obsidian into an arrowhead, by replicating techniques used in ancient cultures to make refined tools for the hunt.

Native Awareness:  Develop your outdoor senses. You’ll learn awareness exercises and mobile meditation techniques and discover how to sharpen your visual senses, as you hone your awareness skills in a natural setting.

Primitive Fire-Making:  Learn how to coax a hot coal from hand-hewn sticks with this most exciting of outdoors skills. Experience a true Aha! moment as you connect with the primal thrill of creating fire.

Soul Journey: Gain insight and intuition that can create healing as it transport you to a higher state of awareness and understanding. Your soul journey takes place in a sound-enhanced environment and is guided using imagery, music, breath, and vibrational tools to create a sacred space for you.

Spirit Lodge: The Spirit Lodge can help wash away the stresses of life, create a sense of renewal prepare you for transition and healing. Most participants describe feeling a new sense of peace, vitality, clarity and connection.  The Spirit Lodge is a powerful two-part experience that draws upon and honors rich ancient traditions that promote spiritual and personal growth as well as physical well-being.