Buying Beauty Products

beauty productsSometimes we still buy skin care products like we do our wine—because the labels are cool. But overall consumers are getting smarter about ingredients. We aren’t falling for things labeled “natural” or “green” without turning the bottle around and reading what’s in them. Arsenic and lead are also products of nature, after all! And while the U.S. government still hasn’t gotten around to regulating what we put on our skin, thanks to watchdog groups—and also the Canadian and European governments—we have a better idea of which things are possibly or probably bad for us. (Think: parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, etc.)

This goes for hair products as well. Primarily those touching your scalp. Your scalp is the most porous part of your body. This gives a new meaning to wash in, rinse out. Among the most dangerous of ingredients that should have vanished from products years ago, coal-tar derivatives and various colorants. Plant based colorants are preferred. The same holds true for hair colorants.

Author: Melinda Minton

Melinda Minton is a thirty year veteran of the spa industry. Executive Director of, Minton has authored six books and numerous feature articles.

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