Bee Pollen

bee pollenLike most health food trends, this one is rooted in celebrity culture, with ex-Spice girl Victoria Beckham claiming it as the secret to her youthful glow. While we can’t corroborate that, what we do know is that it’s a rich source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, and early animal studies have found it may be helpful in reducing cholesterol, healing wounds, and inhibiting tumor growth. Small human studies have also found it be helpful in reducing menopausal symptoms in women. While we wait for the research to catch up, there doesn’t seem to be much harm in it becoming the bougie condiment du jour. Go ahead and sprinkle it on smoothies, salads, oats, yogurt, or soups.


Author: Melinda Minton

Melinda Minton is a thirty year veteran of the spa industry. Executive Director of, Minton has authored six books and numerous feature articles.

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