Systematic Service Recovery

Service recovery should be a routine part of your system, as easy as possible for both customers and employees. Mold your procedures accordingly:

1. Remove barriers: The less paperwork there is to fill out, the more attention service specialists can devote to listening and reaching an agreement with the customer. Problem reports, if necessary, should be written up only after the customer leaves.

2. Stand behind your employees in public: If a customer complains to you about a specific employee, listen and express appreciation for being alerted of the matter. Resolve the customer’s complaint; avoid punishing your employee. Be forgiving and treat mistakes as learning opportunities.

3. Praise and critique your employees in private: Support and encourage your service specialists constantly—they need it. Offer suggestions for improvement in a private, positive atmosphere, at a time separate from praise—and both will sink in.

Your employees must have the confidence to solve problems as efficiently as possible. Do everything you can to support them in their efforts to resolve customer complaints and turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Author: melindaminton

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