Skin Care Trends

Superfood for The Skin

Skincare preparation containing herbal or natural ingredients are already quite popular. The trend of including more and more kitchen products into the beauty concoctions might keep growing with the inclusion of substances like kale and moringa. While edible fresh products are difficult to stock and manage as a staple skin care item, beauty powders and solutions are calling to be blended with fresh materials such as yogurt, Meyer lemon, ginger, turmeric and kefir.

Nutritional Importance

Along with the inclusion of kitchen ingredients in the skincare products, the trend of actually ingesting skincare products is also on the rise. Consumers are becoming more aware of the effect of their choice of food and drinks on their skin. Hence, along with a healthy diet and good hydration, consumers are including skincare products like blue green algae, nutrition shots and probiotic drinks.

Interesting Textures

Texture is becoming more important in skin care for a number of reasons.  Mild to moderate sloughing via brush, vibration, granular formulation or enzymatic active are all important to achieving a fresh cellular layer of skin while evening out skin tone.  Furthermore, the grouping of formulas in a treatment rely on each products ability to prepare the skin for a serum or primary treatment item.  Treating the skin as prep to the rest of the service is an imperative to securing affectability.

At Home Treatments

This year has seen the biggest shift towards professional home care treatments than ever before.  From hand held devices for hair removal, dermabrasion and evening out skin tones to professional grade masques and peels for at home use, the consumer has more at their fingertips than ever before to keep their well-groomed skin in check.  Chemical and enzymatic peels are very popular for in between spa visit maintenance as are more professional evening hydration routines for hands, feet, décolleté and face.

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