Nail Trends

Body piercing has been hot, what with people getting their lips, chin, eyebrows, navel and other parts pierced, but one of the latest trends is nail piercing.

Who can get it done
Anyone with healthy nails can opt for this beauty trend. It is best done on acrylic or gel nails but also works on natural nails that are long and strong.

Is it harmful?
If the nail bed is healthy then doing piercing on the exterior of the nail is like braiding your hair. It doesn’t sacrifice the health of the nail.

The procedure
Talking about the procedure, Shalini explains, “We first paint the nail and then pierce it because once pierced, it is difficult to paint. You can then choose the jewelry that you want for your piercing.”

Time taken This is not an elaborate procedure if you already have acrylic or gel nails. It takes around 10-15 minutes for the entire process of nail piercing.

Jewelry you can use
Rings are the most popular. There are also rings that have diamante, stones, and beads. Jhumka-like rings are also being picked up to match and be paired with traditional ensembles.
Keep in mind
Never try to do nail piercing yourself at home. – Do not use safety pins of sharp objects on your nails for piercings. – Piercing should be done professionally at a nail salon. – After you wear nail jewelry, you need to be careful — it should not get pulled accidentally while doing day-to-day work, otherwise the entire nail may need to be replaced. – Nail piercings need maintenance at professional nail bars. – Don’t let your children attempt this. It is harmful for their young and delicate nails.

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