Facial Peels

Facial peels are a great way to improve the skin as well as get that healthy glow. Cleopatra was said to slather her face in spoiled milk–a rich source of lactic acid, which undoubtedly refreshed her skin to a glowing finish.  A plethora of peels are available to the modern beauty maven.  Some simply slough off dead skin cells while others are far more complicated.  Here is the quick guide to levels of peels, price points and expected results.

Light Peels:  Enzymatic peels such as papaya, pineapple or yoghurt are oftentimes an add on to a standard deep cleansing facial.  There is minimal irritation and yet the skin is refreshed. Dead cells are sloughed off just enough to allow for extractions, a masquing and better penetration of treatment ingredients.  Other light peels to consider are low dosages of glycolic, lactic, mandelic or salicylic acid that exfoliate the surface, boost radiance and clear out pores.  These grades of peels cost $50 or more and require virtually no downtime.

Medium Peels: Trichloroacetic acid or TCA peels are typically offered in 10-35% solution strengths.  These peels treat fine lines, sun damage and enlarged pores. Often a homecare glycolic acid is sent home for after treatment maintenance.  Redness, peeling and some swelling may occur.  These peels cost between $250-$1000. A light healing balm must be used post treatment.

Deep Peels: A Phenol or TCA peel of around 50% can be used to improve the appearance of deeper lines, skin laxity and severe sun damage. The price of this type of treatment begins at around $500 and can jump into the thousands of dollars if given with anesthesia.  Redness, swelling and shedding skin will last about two weeks.  The skin won’t look it’s best until six weeks or so post treatment.  This kind of peel requires a much heavier healing balm with attentiveness given to ample and frequent applications.

Any peel application must begin with a patch test for sensitivity of the candidate.  Also, higher levels of sunblock must be used religiously or burning and hyperpigmentation are very likely to occur.

Author: melindaminton

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