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Digital Therapy SPAA“Digital Therapy” is hitting the spas and promotions for home use.  What is digital therapy and how does it work?  Basically, TENS and muscle stimulation technology are utilized to produce motor contraction.  This type of application has been used for years for pain, cellulite reduction and slimming, whole body detoxification and all over health.

Generally, digital therapy equipment is comprised of electrode pads that can be placed in the areas that require treatment.  The pads must be moistened to work and there is a monitor or base unit that delivers the pulses. The strength of the pulses can be adjusted to the tolerance and comfort of the user.  The sensation is a mild tingling or repetitive tapping.

When the electrode pads directly are placed on the targeted area through regular contraction of the muscle, it can accelerate micro-circulation, and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances and promote blood circulation. If used on acupuncture points along energy meridians the pulses can improve micro-circulation of Chi to increase energy and promote the sense of well-being.  Digital therapy is additionally effective when used to tone muscle tone during active exercise and can be used during an active work out or with mobility exercises in the spa, medical office or wellness center.

“According to the National Center for Health, chronic pain results in a loss of productivity of nearly $100 billion a year among working Americans. More than 76.2 million Americans suffer some sort of chronic pain on a daily basis, that is one in four of the general population

The two most popular types of digital therapy are:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulations (TENS), one of the most commonly used forms of electro- analgesia. The TENS device relieves pain by sending small electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin to underlying nerve fibers. Tens uses electrical stimulation of the nerve fibers can block a pain signal from being carried to the brain. If the signal is blocked, pain is not perceived.

Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) or Powered Muscle Stimulator (PMS) used to stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance.
1. Relaxation of muscle spasms
2. Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
3. Increasing local blood circulation
4. Muscle conditioning

Digital therapy should not be used near the heart or on individuals with cancer.  Pregnant women or women who suspect they might be pregnant should not use this therapy.  Digital therapy should not be used near swollen or inflamed areas of skin or on varicose veins.  Digital therapy should not be used on those who have epilepsy or who are prone to seizures.

The best way to experience digital therapy is to request treatment by a professional.  Once a treatment pattern is determined and a frequency of pulses identified, either a professional series of therapy can be established or an at home usage plan can be prescribed.

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