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spaexpertblogtraveltuneupThe world’s population is becoming healthier and they are taking it on the road.  Maintaining healthy habits when traveling is essential to maintain one’s sense of balance, happiness and connection to the healthful programming that many have attained as a feature of everyday life.  Here are just a few of the ways that travelers are creating healthful experiences outside of their routine.

  1. Airport Workouts:  Depending on the extend of the wait or layover, passengers are creating their own workout routines.  While some airports have hotels and fitness areas attached to them, many don’t.  Passengers; however, have become resourceful.  Using the wide expanses of airport wings, some are walking with their wait.  Yet others are creating solitude with the quiet spaces in the unoccupied corners.  Oftentimes traveling with elastic bands for resistance and mobile yoga mats, creative travelers are making the available airport space their own.
  2. Healthful Hotels: Hotel rooms get old quick when you are a road warrior.  One learns to pick and choose from the available hotel offering choosing those creature comforts that are essential for their lifestyle.  EVEN hotel group has been a favorite in the mid-price range for a few years now.  At the more luxury end of the business Equinox is jumping from gyms to hotels developing its first hotel in Manhattan.
  3. Increased Productivity: While technology is a distraction for some, others are making technology work for them.  Those who excel at using every moment wisely don’t care what others think.  There is no showing up at work for the sake of being there.  Likewise, these individuals capture productivity from practicing good work habits, sleeping as much as possible and taking down time when they need it.  Further, this group tends to be early adopters and learn unknown technology rapidly if it promises to be useful to their end goals.  Recognizing the need for careful time management and sticking to what works are two giant leaps towards productivity.
  4. Mindfulness and Meditation: Business travelers have many moments where they are floating.  That is, where they are captive in a cab or waiting for the train.  Each tiny segment of unusable time is an opportunity to rest the mind.  Those in an active yoga or meditative practice will quickly adapt to time without the mind chatter.  Even if one doesn’t have any meditation experience, there are easy ways to get to the center of their being.  Breathing is one easy way to regroup, energize and focus.  Simply by taking three simple but deep breathes, the body feels more at ease and more able to tackle the next batch of whatever comes up in the day.  Mantra is easily adapted to one’s down time.  Find a simple mantra through a musical resource and then allow that soothing phrase or few words to fill the mind when idle.  Meditate with your eyes wide open at stop lights.  Meditate in the shower.  Meditate while dressing.  With each step everyday get used to falling into the mindful peace of meditative movement.
  5. Add some personal downtime, self-actualizing time to business travel. If on an extended trip, learn more about the culture and connect to your host environment.  If only on a brief trip have a plan for a jaunt through the historic district, a sampling at a great restaurant of interest or engage in an exercise modality that has not yet become a part of your routine.  Learn to juggle, build a sandcastle or rent a bike for the afternoon.  Personal time need not be a grand production.  However, one will discover what the simplest of activities can do for self-renewal.

If this sort of regimen sounds insane, try it out in baby steps.  Tiny adjustments to one’s travel arrangements can make a big difference.  Try simply to change a few things on your next trip.  If someone else makes your travel arrangements, let them know that you are interested in a healthy hotel.  Let them know that you intend to be physically active while away.  Mention your preference of diet.  Simple steps might just change your life and for the better!




Author: melindaminton

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