Active ingredients have been a disputed factor in skin care, topicals and supplements.  That is all changing.  Star ingredients that are activated on demand is finally here.  Perricone MD has released serums that are activated with a push of a button. H2 Elemental Energy Advanced Renewal Infusion Serum ($240 for a pack of 4) delivers an instant boost of hydrogen, which, according to Perricone, helps to upregulate the positive genes and downregulate the bad ones.  Old cells then, supposedly, act like new cells.

Vitamin C has long been a controversial active.  Anhydrous C, by Borghese, claims that without the water the C isn’t activated until it touches your skin.  Some would say the shelf life, once opened, is from 3 to zero days.  The brand Nuori Supreme-C Serum Treatment ($129 for two) is fueled by vitamin C powder, which is stored in the bottle’s lid to preserve its potency until ready for use.  The active ingredients are said to have a shelf life of one week once activated.

Niod Copper Amino Isolate Seri, 5.00% ($200), key ingredient is copper peptide, which acts as a healing agent for depleted skin, and claims an active potency for about a year once its two bottles are combined.

Author: melindaminton

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