Finding Your Fragrance

fragrances-lvmSeducing with scent is incredibly intuitive for all parties involved.  How do you lasso in the one you long for with the assistance of fragrance?  The entire practice begins by opening your mind.  While studies run rampant on just what makes we homo sapiens want to hook up, have lunch or run in the opposite direction, a lot of the real-time data has more to do with diet, lifestyle, mood and environment.

Our body odor is largely influenced by Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules that are genetically determined and linked to the immune system. Popular and controversial research from zoologist Claus Wedekind’s “smelly T-shirt” experiment has shown the human species is attracted to scents with different compatibility genes from themselves. This is supported under the belief we choose partners who would provide a genetic advantage to their offspring, since they opt for partners whose MHC composition is substantially different from their own. As a species, we are hard-wired for survival.  Finding a mate that will blend well with our gene pool is one strong preference particularly for those in the mating age range.  Finding harmony is another preference for those guided by their olfactory equipment.  The key, it seems, is to compliment your body’s natural scent.

Stay away from strong fragrances.  Used in many cultures to mask body odor, strong fragrances cause an individuals stress.  According to a study published by independent researchers based in France in 2015, strong fragrances make individuals less apt to trust the wearer whereas a light splash of scent actually encourages trust.

When choosing a fragrance opt first for a single note light option to define your fragrance palate preferences.  Then test a bit further to choose a base or middle note.  Base notes are the last to linger and consist of woody, tobacco, amber resins that are earthen, grounded and hearty. Top notes are the first to burn off and are the sporty grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, sweet pea notes.  Middle notes are just that a mid-way marriage element that is the heart of the fragrance and the one to be present the longest while top and base notes are also present.

Ultimately a fragrance must be an expression of who you are and what you love.  Surrounding yourself in a scent should add to your grace, charm, wild side and calm center.  Similarly, your scent will take the space of others who you perhaps don’t even know.  Vanilla is the most popular scent universally because it makes us think of our moms.  Vanilla is associated with being nourished, receiving love and feeling safe.  If in doubt about where to begin with your hunt for a scent, remember holidays, birthdays, favorite friends and personal relationships to get started.  A scent isn’t forever during the search, but once you find that perfect fragrance, you may never let it go.  Which brings us full circle: Expressing your individuality and passion through fragrance is a great way to intrigue that someone who has caught your attention.  Settling into a signature scent that captures your personal essence is a great way to let them know you are in the room.

Author: melindaminton

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